Could our eyes see other forces

This post is an open mind swirl, letting my child like questioning streak jump out on topics such as gravity, cancer, cell migration, eyes, sky colour, dogs, bees and flys.

Looking up at the sky I gazed at its blue tones. I won’t go into details of how the sky is blue, explanations are all over the internet about wavelength vision of certain colours. Instead I began to wonder why we don’t see a violet sky, with its position in the colour spectrum order, surely we should be seeing a violet sky.

Perhaps the sky isn’t blue and it is because the cones in our retina don’t pick up violet very well that we think it’s blue. (Apparently we see colours by using three colour receptors in our retina. Red, blue and green).

My old dog was slowly plodding after a bumble bee as thoughts trailed towards eye sight. It used to be said dogs had black and white vision, although now some veterinarians believe dogs do have mild colour vision basically seeing yellows, blues and grey. If we were to swap eyes with the dog would it experience colours never seen before, would the sky look blue to the dog? What if we actually don’t see all the colours out there, and there are life forms which would think our spectrum is limited. Maybe the sky is helacrom colour ? (A word I just made up).

The bumble bee flew away from my dog, buzzing around landing on different flowers. The bee also views the world in a different way, with an ultraviolet spectrum. The pollen on flowers gives off an ultraviolet colour pattern giving bees a type of landing target that our eyes can not see. Perhaps it’s not just the question of are we seeing all the colours, but instead are we missing out on other ways to see?

So there is heat vision, ultra violet light vision, UV black light, microwaves, radio waves, X-rays, sonar etc. Even ‘Veillance field’ detector glasses are being developed to sense when camera surveillance is looking at you. There are all kinds of gadgets being made as visual aids by combining the brains connections and technology. Would some kind of technology make viewing a blue sky reveal its genuine colour?

My three year old daughter dropped her bucket into the sand pit and sand grains blew towards my face, swishing it away from my eyes my mind continued to ponder. A flys eyes can catch your hand swooping towards it with speedy vision, which is probably more to do with connections in the brain being seven times faster than in humans. I wonder if we were to speed up our brains connections how different viewing the world would be. No wonder the house fly’s life span is only 28 days it must be exhausting cramming in 196 days worth of brain power.

Instead of speedy vision how about gravity vision. After all gravity is still a fairly unknown entity as far as cultivating its qualities. Although I’m not sure how that would aid our eye sight if we could see trails of gravity in everything. Gravitational pull would be great for travel, maybe the UFO’s already figured that one out. Could different forces be combined to creat a new way of seeing the world?

Maybe a type of vision where your eyes could see the matter of an object, differentiating a stone from a feather with a kind of density view, kind of like combining X-ray with weight.

How about using pulling forces in a surgical implement for example pulling all the scattered cancer cells into one place ready to be cleanly removed. My heart goes out to cancer suffering patients, families and the hard working researchers. It would be wonderful if it were possible to operate on terminal cancer patients when the cancer was to far spread throughout the body. But could damaged cells in the body be convinced to all migrate to one area and what time span would it take?

I know nothing about the biology of a cell, or its possibilities of man directing its movement, or which method cell movement would use for example chemical interaction, DNA changes, energy waves, man made device etc. Imagine a gadget the size of a pace maker being inserted into a cancer patient and all the cancerous cells swarming towards it. Far fetched idea but who knows what will be medically possible in the future. But I think you’d agree that research funding is better spent on finding out how to kill the cancer completely rather than moving it to one area to be surgical removed.

In the time it’s taken to walk up the garden and down again I’ve gone from ‘is the sky blue’ to ‘moving cancer cells’. Time to put my questioning trails of thought to good use and pretend to be a fictional baddie. A new X-man that bends gravity, pulling the planet on an anti spin gravitational pull, swirling my daughter over my head and spinning to the grass laughing.

I hope this has sparked your brains into puzzling over things.

Sophie :-)


QR Code Craze and new IPhone Ideas

Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Orange who? ……… (Scan the QR code for the joke tag line)

Now let’s get on with my post which is about the world going crazy over QR Scanning Codes, plus my gadget prediction.

My QR Ideas:

QR popularity is growing. It wont just be a buying tool but it will saturate everything, from new puzzle magazines with QR codes to interact with the puzzle, (like a modern version of the newsagents puzzle books where answers are at the back).

Or kids will come home with a print of a QR code instead of all the books they carry, homework being handed back in as that small chequered QR code (linking to there homework) instead of USB sticks / email / printing.

Maybe even secret password protected QR codes could be used for messages on cards like this I designed for my own gadget loving son (photo above).

iPhone ideas briefly:

There are actually three things I’d like an iPhone to do. 1) in video mode be able to point at self then outwards, without moving the phone round by hand. 2) use a calculator on the notes app at the same time, instead of opening each app 3) auto scroll at a timed speed I’d set, which pauses when I touch it.

My gadget idea to improve iPhone internet scrolling:

Maybe in future phones, tablets, watches will have auto roll which will detect the users pace of scrolling down and down and down, so after a few seconds the gadget continues to roll down unless the user presses an item to view it. Like a type of auto surf, scroller hands free. This would help on things like viewing Facebook feeds or eBay searches, it would certainly stop us all getting finger ayke and leave us hands free for a cuppa while we surf the net.

My iPhone notes plus a Calculator idea:

I’d like an iPhone that while your on the note pad section you could pop open a half size icon of the calculator, so that I can use the calculator and notes at the same time instead of going back and forth opening each app to make calculations then make a note then back to calculator then back to notes. Not a split screen of the two icons, but a small calculator that can hover over the notes, just like you do on a P.C.

Hope the joke makes you smile. Let your creative mind run wild while you think what QR scanning will get into next. And think of fun name ideas for the auto rolling idea I had, auto fingers !

Sophie :-)

The moral of the story is

This post is a well known fairytale in modern day lingo, can you guess which one it is and figure out its bizarre moral ?

A bloke (let’s call him Andy) is out for a walk when he meets a stranger (let’s call the stranger Trevor). Trevor convinces Andy to strip naked and jump in the lake. Trevor stops a passing vehicle and tells a load of lies, conning the passenger into giving him free posh clothes.

Andy and Trevor go on there way and decide that wearing expensive looking clothes isn’t enough, they want to steal someone else’s identity to go with this new image.

They carry on walking and see this big mansion. Trevor kills the bloke that owns the property and disposes of the body by eating it. Now Andy can move in, taking not just the victims identity but his home, money and belongings. Trevor didn’t feel any remorse for murder because the owner had a reputation for being a nasty bloke.

A few days pass and Andy meets a rich posh woman that he wants to marry. She wouldn’t have looked twice at him before he got kitted out in his designer clothes with his big house and wallet full of cash. So he continues with this fake identity, and she marries him. They live happily ever after.

Got any ideas which children’s story I have just described, and what the moral of the story is ?

Here is a big clue I forgot to mention, ‘Trevor’ liked wearing knee high leather boots, and was a bit of a puss.

Thanks for reading

Sophie :-)

My Big Bang Theory – Dumb or Logical ?

Is this a dumb planetary Big Bang idea or could it be true, we literally will never know !

In around 5 billion years or so we have all heard that our planet earth will be dust (when our sun dies). They even say the whole universe is slowly dieing or spacing apart so much that all planets will eventually die off, pulled apart and all suns dying. If this is so, and its not just our planets but the whole universe that dies, then perhaps there will be another Big Bang again and a new universe created as it was in the beginning. So the whole process of forming planets and stars starts again.

Now here is the crunch, if entire universes do die and are reborn, then for all we know we could be in one of the ten billionth universe’s to have had existed, after all there would be no trace of proof of past planets existences.

Makes you think doesn’t it !

STARS: Imagine a photo taken of our stars years ago. It would have quite a few dots on it for the stars and planets, let’s say yellow dots. Then imagine a photo taken of our stars today, with even more yellow dots as we can see more with our technology. Now think of what a photo of our stars would look like with an infinite area of ‘speed of light’ coverage i.e. a photo showing from here to infinity. This last photo may look like a mass of yellow with no gaps. Even areas such as black holes may in fact be like tubes from a vacuum cleaner where the gravitational pull means that the areas beyond the black holes also have stars, but as the black holes gravitational pull gets less there are actually stars beyond it – reformed from millions and billions of years of broken up molecules of stars which were originally crushed up from the experience of being sucked in to that black hole (hoover tube).

Expanding Universe: our universe is stretching or some say ‘expanding’ like doe in an oven, the raisins remain in the doe but the doe area increases. So if I had a jam jar containing our air on earth and in space was a floating jam jar full of spaces atmosphere – in billions of years would the jam jar crack as the molecules of space gasses are moving further apart? It’s not the strength of the jam jar I’m interested in but the molecules inside of it. Do space molecules multiply or does space dilute with an added substance to spread further apart like strong orange squash becoming weaker with more water in it? If there is no such thing as nothing then surely some sort of molecules must be filling these new spaces which are spacing our universes apart ?

While I’m on the subject of space I think that that instead of investing in colonising Mars we should be investing in space ships that launch to then be fixed together once in space – making our own huge mother ship, ready for any earthly disasters. Maybe focus on long term existence in space so that our great great great great grand kids born on this mother ship find a new settlement similar to earth or end up building a planet size space ship that we don’t need to leave instead direct it anywhere in the universe like a rogue planet. Not to colonise mars as it’s too close to our own dying sun, by the time mars is terraformed or largely inhabited it would be time to leave it again. I understand we should investigate mars but then let’s get funding towards living for generations just in space. That way mankind will continue to exist even if the planet inhabited doesn’t.

Inspiration for my opinion came from watching Brian Cox and endless astronauts, astronomy and NASA programs then making up my own nonsensical mind.

Sophie :-)

God or Aliens believing or not

This post is questioning the affect of belief, no matter what the entity, God, several Gods, Aliens or Dave.

Let’s start with an example of my own beliefs some of which are Aliens, Dave the creator, and supernatural. Let me explain the ‘Dave’ bit. I asked my hubby once “if all the religions in the world are there to inspire you to be a better person, and I felt like praying, then what name do you think I should call him / her / them ? I cant be bothered to read about all the religions to decide which one I’d like to believe in, therefore what name should I call the creator that started the first speck of gas that turned into our planet and in fact the creator of the whole universe”.

My hubby replied “if your not sure what name to use, call him Dave” (he said ‘Dave’ in an ‘only fools and horses’ accent). So when I pray it’s to Dave. I hope ‘Dave’ has a sense of humour and is just happy that I enjoy thanking the creator now and then, even if the terminology is wrong.

But does simply believing improve a persons life, even if you don’t regularly participate in your chosen religious worship ?

I watched a TV program once on the subject of believing in religion or not which was quite interesting. The study was on young children to see if the feeling of being watched by an invisible entity improves behaviour. The experiment was done in a room with a line on the floor, and several paces in front was a dart board style poster with a velcro ball to throw at it. The children had to stand at this line to throw the ball, if it went with in the dart board style circle the kid would get a prize. The room had secret cameras and the adult made an excuse to leave, letting the child think that no one was watching them. The result was nearly all the children cheated by walking closer to the board or even just pressing it straight onto the board.

The next bunch of kids were told an invisible princess was sitting in the chair next to the dart board. The result was nearly all the children didn’t cheat, they stayed behind the line and threw the ball without cheating. Therefore the feeling of an invisible entity watching these kids promoted more honest behaviour.

Im not saying that as adults we should compare religion to invisible princess, it’s just an example of belief making a difference in children, so perhaps believing in religion as an adult has the similarity of always being secretly watched, judged, accountable for your actions etc

Without religion would the world be a better or worse place ?

Now that’s far to deep of a question for me to dare to enter, and my ignorance in the subjects of politics, religion, wars etc would really shine through. So I will end it there.

Have a great day, and remember ‘Dave’ may be watching you right now, so be nice!

Sophie :-)

Are our kids being prepared for Alien Visitors

Over the last few years there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of friendly aliens in children’s television programs. Are the program creators influenced by trends or by something else?

We have all heard the ufologists suggestions that genius inventors and people that changed mankind’s history may have been influenced by aliens. Or that society’s media can be easily menipulated by certain people or corporations. Perhaps our younger generation is being targeted right now, but in a more subtle way.

Perhaps our kids are being prepared, subconsciously, by these ‘friendly Aliens’ themes which are saturating our screens. By watching these as children it installs an automatic ‘friendly’ response, a gut instinct if you like, that would remain into adulthood, hidden deep in the mind. Us adults, we probably had our first Alien tasters in our teens or later, when films portrayed Aliens as graphically hostile, as most of them still do.

Sewing a seed of thought into a child’s mind can be a hell of a lot more powerful than you realise, especially under the age of three or four when the main bones of an individuals personality are developing.

So, are our kids being prepared for Aliens visiting during their lifetime, to not be afraid of Aliens but instead welcome them as friendly?  Only time will tell.

With thanks

Sophie :-)

First Post – Why this blog

Curiosity has been associated with improving your health in an emotional, psychologically and even social way, or so it says on several articles all over the internet from different scientists.

This is my first first ‘Amoeba Fox’ post. Mentioning Albert Einstein, the importance of asking ‘why’ and how we shouldn’t loose that child like questioning streak.

I was recently glued to the television series ‘Genius’ which was about the life of Albert Einstein. The part which personally struck a cord was when it portrayed him telling a young child to always ask questions and not to loose that curious streak.

As a child I was always asking ‘why, why, why’ which was discouraged as annoying and rude, which probably is just the way it was in the late 70’s before all the ideas on parenting changed.

I’m certainly no genius, but have always had a curious streak, even though retaining information is like holding sand in a sieve. In the company of others pondering thoughts take over, leaving me wondering what the other person was talking about and as an adult it seems wrong to suddenly blurt out a question, that has nothing to do with what the other person is talking about.

If you research the internet you will find a variety of scientists whom believe that encouraging your curiosity is good for your brain no matter what age you are.

It is a shame that at school the child like streak of just asking soon fades away, with the praise directed at getting the correct answers. Simply throwing questions in the air can spark all kinds of debates and creativity.

So perhaps now that I’m in my 40’s its time to allow the inner child think tank to return matter how nonsensical.

Thanks for reading my waffle, use the menu (HOME) see what kind of nonsensical articles I’ve written so far.

Sophie :-)